Note from the Captain, Crew & the Black Dog:
Here's the deal.........
This is not your average "Charter Service".
Quite Frankly, What we offer is different...........
We dont do this for a living, I work a 60 hour work week....
And I have the utmost respect for anyone who Fishes for a living. The Men & Women who do so work their "tales" off, therefore We are in NO way seeking to take away from their livelihoods. We will hopefully do a few Charters, meet some great people and have some fun fishing. Even if we wanted to, we simply do not have the means to make this a FULL time deal. (Yet) hahaha
so.............with that said.........
I started this small, simple charter see where it takes us.
We have traveled all over the world to fish with our friends,
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And yet we keep coming back to this tremendous fishery we have available to us right here off the coast of New England.
We love to see the smile of a person catching fish, almost as much as we like catching them ourselves. Especially the kids who will carry on our tradition of this great local resource.
We specialize in "custom" charters, whether it be a Family of four catching some stripers in the mouth of the River, or 4 guy's Trolling offshore for Tuna...We love it all, and everything in between.
And contrary to our ego's and fish stories,
We dont always catch fish, (just dont tell anyone OK !)
but we sure do have fun!
Ryan Bessette
You Gonna eat that last bite?